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List of topics

• Accesibility to the physical environment and to the communication
• Ophthalmic filters
• Adaptation to the job place of the visually impaired
• Education and Rehabilitation of patients with a visual impairment in school age
• Gerontology and visual impairment
• Pathologies that causes visual impairment: prevalence and incidence, causes, new treatments, protocols for assessment
• Sociodemografic impact of visual impairment
• Psychologic impact of visual impairment and coping strategies
• Research on visual perception and visual disabilities
• Intervention in visual impairment from different professionals
• Social support and intervention in visual impairment
• Development of movement skills and adaptative behaviour
• Development of new technologies for the visually impaired
• Visual devices: adaptation, prescription and training
• Eccentric viewing
• Reading processes and reading skills
• Tiflotechnology
• Visual Stimulation
• Visual function tests
• Psychoneurobiology of visual impairment
• Ethics in the research of disabilities






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