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On request, EVENTO on behalf of the First European Congress on Visual Impairment will be pleased to have an invitation letter issued to you once your registration form has been processed.
Persons needing an invitation letter to obtain a visa are urged to register for the meeting as early as possible.

If you need a presentation letter, please you will need to provide your:
- Full name as listed in your passport
- Passport Number
- Nationality
- Date of birth
- Contact (email and phone)

In a few days you will receive by email. Please send confirmation of receiving.

PLEASE NOTE: An invitation is not a commitment on the part of First European Congress on Visual Impairment to provide any financial support, nor is it a guarantee of the acceptance of your abstract.

It is never too early to start working on getting your visa. It can take many weeks to get a visa to enter Spain. Each Spanish Consulate has different visa application procedures, so you must call the consulate that has jurisdiction over your state of permanent residence to find out which procedures apply.
Visitors to Valladolid must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months AFTER their planned departure date.






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