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Friday, October 22nd

8:30-9:00 Documentation delivery
9:00 –9:30 Opening Ceremonies. Main Room Paraninfo
9:30 – 9: 45 Greeting from the President of the Conference. Prof. JC Pastor Jimeno, MD, PhD. Main Room Paraninfo
10:00 – 10:45 Main Lecture: Eli Peli MSc, OD. Fitting Peripheral Prisms for patients with hemianopia. Lugar: Main Room Paraninfo
10:45- 11:30 Coffee break
11.30 – 12:15 Mary Lou Jackson, MD Residency Education about Vision Rehab. Lugar: Main Room Paraninfo
12:15 -12:30 Dra. Valle Flores Lucas. Closing morning session and introduction to the psychosocial issues in visual impairment Main Room Paraninfo
12:30 – 13:30 Scientific Oral Communications Session I
Parallel Rooms
Room 1: Paraninfo. Moderator: M? Teresa del Alamo Martín. MsC
R 015, Psychosocial factors that influence quality of life in people with low vision
R 025, El ajuste psicosocial a la discapacidad visual desde la perspectiva de la terapia de aceptación y compromiso ACT
R 026, Ajuste a la pérdida visual sobrevenida en la vejez: una propuesta de modelo explicativo/predictivo.
R 027, Ansiedad en personas con discapacidad visual: El CTAC como herramienta de evaluación. Resultados en una muestra de validación.
R 050 Evaluación pre y post tratamiento en la intervención psicológica en el ajuste a la pérdida visual sobrevenida: La escala de ajuste de Nottingham (adaptación espa?ola).
Room 2: Felipe II Moderator Joaquín Herrera MsCR 061, Visual impairment and rehabilitation group: occupational therapy proposal
R 069, Ajuste razonable en la adaptación de puestos de trabajo para las personas con discapacidad visual
R 070, Implicaciones para los profesionales de rehabilitación del ajuste a la discapacidad visual en adolescentes.
R 041 The electronic bag or the work numeric space for the students visually impaired at school
Room 3: Claudio Moyano Moderator M? del Valle Flores PhD
R 080, LUGAR DE LA FAMILIA EN REHABILITACIÓN VISUAL. Trabajo psicológico con padres de ni?os con discapacidad visual
R 109, Detección de necesidades de padres y profesionales de alumnado con sordoceguera.
R 039, Mejora de la percepción visual en adultos con retinosis pigmentaria
Room 4: Sala Chancillería Moderator Dr. Miguel Maldonado MD, PhD
R 002, Desarrollo Centro especializado en Baja Visión
R 064, El Protocolo Clínico en Baja Visión
R 099 Using an accessible elearning environment to improve self-empowerment and other soft skills required for successful employment: the XPress Your Vision Project

16:00 – 16:45 Krister Inde. "A, B and SEE!". Main Room: Paraninfo
16:45 -17:30 Dr. Duane Geruschat. PhD. Low Vision Orientation and Mobility. Main Room: Paraninfo
18:00-19:00 Scientific Oral Communications Session II
Parallel Rooms
Room 1: Main Room: Paraninfo Moderator M? Bego?a Coco Martín.
R 125, Results of the IOBA-Reading Rehabilitation Program for patients with central field loss defects.
R 126, Advantages of Jordy in vs. conventional devices in daily life activities.
R 004, Comparación de la eficacia en el entrenamiento en ayudas ópticas para baja visión en entorno clínico y habitual del paciente
R 034 Japanese Family based rehabilitation for vitualy impaerd persons
Room 2: Claudio Moyano. Moderator Soledad Luengo.
R 014, Estimulación visual en pacientes con retinosis pigmentaria: efectos beneficiosos de la atención visual
R 046, Programa de entrenamiento visual para personas con restricciones de campo y del contraste
Room 3: Felipe II. Moderator Joaquín Herrera.
R 007, Exploiting the Daisy format for automated, single-source Braille publishing
R 009, How Regular Physical Exercises Make Independent Orientation and Mobility Easier
R 097, A comparative study of the use of vision rehabilitation services by urban and rural dwelling people aged 60 and over registrable as vision impaired on the island of Ireland
R 116, Resultados de la aplicación del uso del baston verde, como instrumento de orientacion y movilidad para personas de baja vision
R 107, The Model of Orientation and Mobility Training Program: Case Study of Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) at Siriraj Hospital

19:00-20:00 Wine Tasting Designation Origin Cigales and welcome cocktail

Saturday, October 23rd
9:00 – 9:15 Opening session. Dr. MJ Maldonado, MD PhD. Main Room Paraninfo
9: 15 -10:00 Sven Erik Nilsson, MD PhD Restoration of reading ability by training of eccentric fixation and by the use of an SLO in patients with severe AMD. Main Room Paraninfo
10: 00-10:30 Frank Eperjesi, PhD Is the measurment of macular pigment optical density useful in optometric practice?". Main Room Paraninfo
10:30 -11:00 Michael Crossland, PhD MCOptom What is the preferred retinal locus and what do we really know about it?. Main Room Paraninfo
11:00 -11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 -12:15 Aries Arditi, PhD The Mutuality of Vision Science and Visual Accessibility. Main Room Paraninfo

12:15 – 13:30 Scientific Oral Communications Session III
Parallel Rooms
Room 1: Claudio Moyano Moderator José Alberto de Lázaro.
R 003, Estudio y rehabilitación visual en un paciente con microftalmía, coloboma y microquistes
R 023, Estudio sobre las técnicas de rehabilitación visual de las hemianopsias homónimas completas: prismas pres-on, prismas adosados de Palomar, y espejos nasolaterovisores.
R 033, Determinación de la agudeza visual con el optotipo de baja visión de Palomar: comparación con optotipos estandarizados
Room 2: Chancillería Moderador Dra. Rosa M? Coco Martín. MD PhDR 010, Control y prevención de la ceguera en la ciudad de Nouadhibou. Proyecto Nouahdibou Visión.
R 013, Avances en el tratamiento de la neovascularización de la degenarión macular asociada a la edad (DMAE). Antigiogénicos.
R 018, Campa?a de prevención de la ambliopía.
R 088, Visual impairment makes a difference to medication management and quality of life for older people
R 091 Causes of Visual Impairment: the First Italian Multicentric Low Vision Levreta Foundation Study
Room 3: Felipe II Moderator: Rubén Cuadrado Asensio. MsC
R 047, Effect of low vision rehabilitation on visual disability in diabetic eye disease: Methodology
R 022, Doctor of Optometry
R 095, Optical and Physical Characteristics of Cylindrical Magnifiers
R 103 Simulación en oftalmología en adultos. A propósito de tres casos.
R 096, OD, FAAO
Room 4: Main room: Paraninfo Moderador: Alberto López Miguel. MSc
R 073 The effect of fixation instability on peripheral visual performance
R 078, Restoring partial vision with visual prostheses
R 089, Low vision screening
R 122 A rapid flipchart screening tool for reduced vision in older people'
R 124, Training to improve the orientation disorder in hemianopia

16:00-17:30 Scientific Oral Communications Session IV
Parallel Rooms
Room 1: Chancillería. Moderator M? Teresa del Alamo and Dra Valle Flores
R 085, El papel de las asociaciones de pacientes en las unidades de baja visión y rehabilitación visual.
R 097, A comparative study of the use of vision rehabilitation services by urban and rural dwelling people aged 60 and over registrable as vision impaired on the island of Ireland
R 100, Medical and Social features in educational inclusion and visual rehabilitation
R 118: Shared Space: possible threats for the accessibility for visually impaired people
Room 2: Claudio Moyano. Moderators JC Torres Zafra PhD. R Cuadrado Asensio MSc
R 006, RoboBraille – Towards an unlimited supply of accessible material in Braille, mp3 and Daisy
R 020, Digital TV for All
R 031, President, RAF Models, Inc.
R 93, Evaluation of an Online Mapping Program with User-Defined Map Features for Persons with Low Vision
R 94, Providing Useful Accessible Information through Remote Infrared Audible Signage in a Complex Environment
R 104 Sistema Biónico de Ecolocación para Invidentes
R 110: Le dessin en relief et la communication graphique

Room 3: Main Room Paraninfo. Moderator Benito Codina and Soledad Luengo
R 111, Technologies improving the orientation and mobility of visually impaired and blind people in public environment
R 119, Auto-Mobility: safe driving with a visual impairment in the Netherlands
R 051, An Automated Procedure for Production of Tactile Maps and pictures with The latest 3D Printing Technology
R 058, Accesibilidad para personas deficientes visuales en Centros Culturales, Espacios Naturales y Actividades de Tiempo Libre
17:30-18:00 Tea break
18:00-19:00 Panel communications. Room: Cardenal Mendoza
18:00- 19:00 Meeting for the constitution of the European Society of Visual Impairment (ESVI) (personalized invitation)
20:30 Visit to a winery and Gala dinner

Sunday, Octuber 24th

9:30 – 10:00 Bruce Rosenthal, OD, The Low Vision Clinician’s Changing Role, in Being Able to Meet the Worldwide Challenges of the Population Explosion of Low Vision Patients in the 21st Century, through the Integration and Use of High Technology. Main Room Paraninfo
10:00 – 10:30 Jan Lovie Kitchin OD, PhD Visual field size for orientation and mobility referral. Main Room Paraninfo
10:30-10:45 Coffee break
11:00-11:30 Ian Bailey, OD, PhD Clinical Tests of Vision for Severe Visual Impairment. Lugar: Main Room Paraninfo
11:30- 12:00 Lea Hyvärynen, MD, PhD, FAAD Profile of Visual Functioning for Early Intervention and Special Education. Main Room Paraninfo
12:00 – 12: 30 Closing Conference. Robert Massof, PhD. Measuring Outcomes of Low Vision Rehabilitation. Main Room Paraninfo
12:30 – 13:00 Closing Congress by authorities. Main Room Paraninfo
13:00 General Assembly of ASPREH






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