European Calcium Society

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Preliminary Scientific Program


Sunday, September 25th

13:00 h Registration opens at Venue

Palacio de Congresos Conde Ansurez

16:30 h Welcome address by Chair Jan Parys (Belgium), ECS president Marc Moreau (France) and Local Organizer Carlos Villalobos (Spain).

17:00 h Opening Conference

Prof. Javier García-Sancho (Spain) Introduced by Carlos Villalobos (Spain)

Measuring Ca2+ inside intracellular organelles

18:30 h Walking Tour of Historic Valladolid (60-90 min)

20:00 h Welcome Reception at “Palacio de Santa Cruz

Monday, September 26th

08:30 h Ca2+ and neurological disease: in search for novel targets.

Chair, Carlos Gutierrez-Merino (Spain)

Antonio G. García (Spain).

Altered Ca2+ and exocytotic fusion pore in neurodegenerative diseases

Jacek Kuznicki (Poland).

Dysregulation of Ca2+ signaling in neurodegenerative diseases.

Ana Mata (Spain)

Functional modulation of plasma membrane Ca2+ pumps by molecular markers of Alzheimer´s disease

Elizabeth Yates (UK) Selected oral Communication

Lysosomes, Ca2+ and LRRK2: a toxic relationship in Parkinson disease?

Matej Hotka (Austria) Selected oral Communication

Investigating the link between mitochondria, Ca2+ and epileptiform activity.

10:30 h Coffee break #1

11:00 h Late-breaking research symposium.

Chair, Jan Parys (Belgium)

Andreas Guse (Germany)

2'-Deoxy-ADPR: a novel second messenger activating TRPM2

Carlos Enrich (Spain)

Annexin A6 interacts with TBC1D15 to regulate Rab7 activity and cholesterol homeostasis

Israel Sekler (Israel)

The optometabolic strategy; light-dependent control of mitochondria metabolism and Ca2+ signaling

12:00 h Flash symposium.

Chair, Sandip Patel (UK)

10-15 quick, 4-5 min poster presentations TBA

13:00 h Lunch #1

14:00 h Poster Session #1

15:30 h Good and bad sides of Ca2+ signaling in human disease

Chair Natalya Prevarskaya (France)

Victoria Bolotina (USA)

Ca2+ signaling path to autophagic dysfunction and Parkinson's disease

Barbara Ehrlich (USA)

Cancer treatment alters Ca2+ signaling and causes neuropathic pain, but the changes can be prevented

Joost Hoenderop (The Netherlands)

Renal calcium handling and the anti-aging hormone klotho

Katja Rietdorf (UK) Selected oral Communication

How does fat cause heart diseases? Effects of epicardial adipocytes on cardiomyocyte signalling and contractility.

Miguel Burgos (Spain) Selected oral Communication

E152K STIM1 mutation deregulates Ca2+ signaling contributing to chronic pancreatitis.

17:30 h Coffee break

18:00 h Targeting calmodulin receptor interaction in cancer chemotherapy

Chair, David Sacks (USA)

G. Prem Veer Reddy (USA)

The functional interaction of calmodulin with androgen receptors in prostate cancer

James Ames (USA)

Structural basis for Ca2+-induced activation and dimerization of ERα by calmodulin

Antonio Villalobo (Spain)

Regulation of the EGFR by calmodulin: mechanism and therapeutic implications

Marie Potier-Cartereau (France) Selected oral Communication

Lipid raft KCa/Ca2+ channel complexes: novel targets to reduce tumor development by lipids

Alexia Vautrin (France) Selected oral Communication

Type 3 Inositol (1,4,5)-trisphosphate receptor: a migratory modulator with a unique calcium signature in breast cancer cells

21:00 Speakers dinner at local tapas restaurant

Tuesday, September 27th

08:30 h Ca2+ remodeling in cancer

Chair, Gary S. Bird (USA)

Juan A. Rosado (Spain)

Ca2+ entry abnormalities in leukemia and breast cancer cells.

Geert Bultynck (Belgium)

Understanding and targeting the ER functions of Bcl-2 in cancer

Carlos Villalobos (Spain)

Calcium remodeling in colon cancer

John Bassett (Australia) Selected oral Communication

Assessment of cytosolic free calcium levels in GCaMP6m expressing MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells undergoing cell death using time-lapse high-content imaging.

Maggie L. Kalev-Zylinska (New Zealand) Selected oral Communication

Glutamate-mediated calcium entry in megakaryocytic cells: evidence for a hijacking effect to support leukaemia growth.

10:30 h Coffee break #2

11:00 h ER-mitochondrial Ca2+ signaling in disease & therapy

Chair, Geert Bultynck (Belgium)

Paolo Pinton (Italy)

Endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria Ca2+ crosstalk in the control of tumor cell fate

Darren Boehning (USA)

Novel Ca2+ signaling pathways in T cells: implications for autoimmunity and cancer

Jennifer Rieusset (France)

Role of endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria coupling in hepatic metabolic diseases

Benjamin Delprat (France) Selected oral Communication

ER-mitochondria crosstalk is regulated by WFS1/WIP1 interaction and is impaired in Wolfram syndrome

Tomás Gutiérrez (Canada) Selected oral Communication

Regulation of ER-mitochondria contacts and SERCA activity by the ER chaperones CNX and TMX1

13:00 h Lunch #2

14:00 h Poster Session #2

15:30 h Tribute to Prof. Michael Sanderson and Prof. Roger Tsien

Chair Martin D. Bootman (UK)

Juan Llopis (Spain), Katja Rietdorf (UK), and Luc Leybaert (Belgium).

Video message from Tullio Pozzan (Italy)

16:00 h Plenary Conference

Prof. Erwin Neher (Germany). Nobel prize 1991. Introduced by Roland Pochet (Belgium)

Dynamics of [Ca2+] changes during bursts of activity at the 'Calyx of Held´synapse

17:30 h Visit to National Museum of Sculpture

Wednesday, September 28th

08:30 h Structures of calcium ion channels

Chair, Mitsu Ikura (Canada) and Walter Chazin (USA)

Peter B. Stathopulos (Canada)

Structural insights into mitochondrial Ca2+ regulation

Irina Serysheva (USA)

Structure and function of the IP3R1 Ca2+ channel: insights from cryo-EM studies

Qun Liu (USA)

Structural mechanism for a transmembrane Ca2+ leak

Filip Van Petegem (Canada) Selected oral Communication

Crystallographic investigation of the calcium sensing apparatus of voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels: effect of arrhythmia-causing mutations.

Katrien Willegems (Belgium) Selected oral Communication

Ryanodine receptor in the open state with and without ryanodine

10:30 h Coffee break #3

11:00 h New tools for calcium imaging

Chair, Juan Llopis (Spain)

Masamitsu Iino (Japan)

Use of CEPIA indicators for the study of intraorganellar Ca2+ dynamics

Oliver Griesbeck (Germany)

All-optical genetic screening for synaptic vesicle recycling genes in C. elegans

María T. Alonso (Spain)

In vivo imaging of Ca2+ in the endoplasmic reticulum with GAP sensors

Ágota Apáti (Hungary) Selected oral Communication

Genetically engineered calcium indicators for visualization of calcium signals: from single cells to tissues.

Fabiana Perocchi (Germany) Selected oral Communication

From functional genomics to drug re-purposing: the mitochondrial uniporter case

David Castrillo (Spain) Sponsor brief presentation

New Imaging tools from Hamamatsu Photonics

13:00 h Lunch #3

14:00 h Poster Session #3

15:00 h ECS General Assembly

16:00 h Berridge Lecture

Prof. James W. Putney (USA) introduced by Martin D. Bootman (UK)

Signaling functions of store-operated Ca2+ channels

17:30 h Visit to a selected Ribera del Duero Vineyard

21:00 h Conference Banquet

Thursday, September 29th

09:00 h MicroRNA and calcium signaling

Chair, Catherine Leclerc (France)

Na Li (USA)

MicroRNA and calcium signaling in atrial fibrillation

Sebastian Albinsson (Sweden)

MicroRNA and calcium handling in cardiac diseases

Enikö Kallay (Austria)

MicroRNAs and the calcium-sensing receptor

Agne Tilunaite (UK) Selected oral Communication

Cellular calcium signalling in the presence of single cell variability and dynamic stimuli.

Mª Cristina López-Méndez (Mexico) Selected oral Communication

Ryanodine receptors of acidic Ca2+ stores generate a non-productive Ca2+ release in smooth muscle cells.

11:00 h Coffee break #4

11:30 h Calcium, stem cells and regeneration

Chair, Andrew Miller (Hong-Kong, China)

Jonathan Marchant (USA)

Calcium signaling and CNS regeneration in planaria

Catherine Leclerc (France)

Calcium signaling in glioblastoma stem cells

Yianbo Yue (Hong-Kong, China)

Role of CD38/cADPR/Ca2+ signaling in differentiation of mouse ES cells

Carles Rentero (Spain) Selected oral Communication

Annexin A6-mediated alanine uptake is necessary for liver regeneration in mice

Sachie Kanatani (Sweden) Selected oral Communication

Voltage-dependent calcium channel signaling mediates GABAA receptor-induced migratory activation of dendritic cells infected by Toxoplasma gondii

13:30 h Awards ceremony and concluding remarks.

14:00 h Farewell´s cocktail at the venue´s garden.