European Calcium Society

Fellowships and Awards

Travel fellowships


Travel fellowships aim to help scientists attending the ECS Meeting by covering partially or fully their travel expenses. There are two types of fellowships:

10 Junior travel fellowships

The ECS will allocate 10 fellowships of up to 400 € to young researchers to facilitate their attendance. Selection will operate on abstract quality. For qualification:

3 Travel fellowships for established scientists from emerging countries

The ECS will allocate 3 grants of maximally 600 € to researchers from emerging countries to facilitate their attendance. The selection will operate on abstract quality. For qualification:


Selection and reimbursement

Applicants receiving a fellowship will be informed of their selection in July/August 2016. Reimbursement of the travel costs will be performed after the Meeting and will be based on the original invoices and tickets or boarding passes. Reimbursement will anyway be based on the most economic travel rates possible for train (second class) or flights (economy class).



In order to stimulate the quality of the posters, the ECS will offer 2 poster awards of each 250 €. The poster selection committee will hand over the awards in the name of the ECS.


This Award, funded by the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IIMCB) in Warsaw, Poland is a tribute to Professor Witold Drabikowski who organized the first international meeting on Ca2+ -binding proteins in 1973 in Jablonna, near Warsaw ( The Award will be given to one of the junior presenters of a short oral presentation, selected from the submitted abstracts.

A large part of Drabikowski's work was done on troponin C and calmodulin - two typical EF-hand Ca2+ -binding proteins. Therefore, the hand-made wooden Award statuette has the form of an EF-hand with a calcium ion represented by a piece of amber from the Baltic sea. The young speaker, who gives the best presentation will be honored with the statuette and the ECS diploma. The Awards will be handled over by Prof. Jacek Kuznicki - former Drabikowski PhD student and director of the IIMCB - and Prof. Marc Moreau, ECS President.

Previous Drabikowski awards

Drabikowski Award 2010: Joanna Jung from Dr. Marek Michalak's Lab (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada) " The role of endoplasmic reticulum quality control system in the biology of the major peripheral myelin glycoproteins".

Drabikowski Award 2012: Benjamin Bonneau from Dr. Germain Gillet's Lab (Lyon University, France) "Regulation of Ca2+ fluxes by the anti-apoptotic protein NRZ during zebrafish development".

Drabikowski Award 2014: Abhishek Aggarwal from Dr. Enikoe Kallay’s Lab (University of Vienna, Austria) “The Calcium Sensing Receptor is a tumor suppressor in the colon regulating proliferation, differentiation, and epithelial to mesenchymal transition”.