Presentation letter


Dear Colleagues:

Here it is. This is the event that we all wanted to have in our Region: a learning event with international relevance, with first category speakers (some of them with responsibility positions we can only dream here), a subject not only innovative, but no doubt is the headstone of our´s health system future: the treatment of pain. Our role in it has been unfairly testimonial, fundamentally because of organizational and political issues. This Congress will demonstrate the possibilities of physiotherapy in the treatment of pain and, specially, our leadership in it. It is time to become aware of our possibilities and to show our health professionals colleagues our leading role in the use of physical therapeutic tools in the resolution of chronic processes ... in a simple, easy, cheap, efficient and effective. And, as my neighbor downstairs said, I have a fantastic doctor, but when I need to solve my problem of chronic low back pain, I go to the physiotherapist on the corner of the street. So direct. As simple as that. Even those who do not understand it from the organizational point of view, do this same in their day by day´s life. Do not fool yourselves. Everyone knows that is the best, now only need to put it into practice and spread it.

Join us in this physiotherapy party and enjoy the city of Valladolid that welcomes the event of the profession of 2017.


José Luis Morencia Fdez (President of CPFCyL)